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Friday, April 27, 2012

Project #4 figure painting, spring 2012
"the spirit of spring"
Project #3 figure painting, spring 2012.
"Al at the work bench"
we had to do a figure painting of some one working. i work for, springville city in the parks and rec department. one of my co workers is named, al, and every winter he sharpens the blades for the chain saws they use for the urban forestry department.
Project #2 figure painting, spring 2012

Project #1 for my figure painting class this pass semester. This class was my first go at figure painting. i really enjoy painting the human figure, because it is something we all can relate to see as we are all human. the best part about the human figure is that all it takes is the slight change in guester or tilting of the head, or placing of the arm and you have a story. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Digital Painting Class

Montgomery G. Bearington III. distiller of world finest honeybee whiskey

Montgomery's pesky neighbor, Jed, the field rat. Always getting into Montgomery's fine whisky

everybody needs a refrigerator like this one. elegant yet striking in its design.
a rhino on a motorcycle, need i say more.

self portrait. this is what you get when you have a nerd with somewhat of an art inclination
the assignment was to design a album cover. i am a huge fan of Bon Iver's self title album, and was largely influences buy its water color illustration on the cover.

Illustration II

Cliche: a new take on a an olds cliche of ponoccio.

A illustration for an article titled "the myth of the 8 hour sleep."

The article's title: " Stiletto's making a comeback." An article about Maine, trying to pass legislation to legalize the use of stiletto knifes for the use of one armed people in the event of a "knife emergency."

Metaphor Illustration: which at this time i have forgotten.

Word Illustration: Strength

conceptual portrait of Robert Downy Jr.