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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Society of illustrator, 2013 Student Contest

Here are the entries I submitted

One step ahead
oil on board, 12inx17in

this is a moder take on the classic fairy tale of, Aladdin.  This images captures him running away from the local law informant with the lamp in hand.  We catch him has he makes a daring leep over the side of a building

Wind in the Willow
ghaphie on bristol paper, 21inX13in

This graphite illustration i originally did for my imagination and visual literacy class.  it depicts a happy scene, from the classic story, The Wind in the Willow.  Rat, and Mole meet Otter, as they lazily row down the river.

Little Red Ridding Hood
Mixed media, 12X x16in

You may have seen this piece in one of my earlier posts.  this is another modern take on a classic tale.  Little Red is preparing to depart for grandmas house, on the bus.  In the background a tag from a local gang hints that this is not a safe place to be. 

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